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Streets - Roadway Development CIP Projects

The Streets program totals $18.4 million over the five year period with 37 percent from Galveston County and Grant funds, 48 percent funded from prior bond proceeds or dedicated funds, and 15 percent from future bond sales.  The FY 2015 projects total $16.4 million including $7.9 million for environmental approval, right-of-way purchase, and construction of the Five Corners Realignment project, $7.4 million for the right-of-way and construction of Calder Rd (Ervin to League City Parkway), $300K for sidewalk repairs and a segment of new sidewalks along Davis Rd, $208K for resurfacing the second half of Texas Ave (Webster St to FM518), $320K for land purchase for future improvements to the Butler/Turner corridor, and $150K for repair to targeted sections of Landing Blvd.    

Also included in the five-year plan are the design for improvements to the Butler/Turner corridor, and the design of Wesley Drive reconstruction.

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Projects In Progress At A Glance: (as of October 2016)

Calder Rd - Ervin to LC Pkwy:  Land acquisition continues; anticipate utility relocation November 2016-January 2017 pending land acquisition.  Construction contract awarded September 13, 2016 with NTP anticipated December 1st.

Five Corners Realignment: Council awarded design with Klotz April 22, 2014;  TxDOT Environmental approval received October 2015. ROW agent to assist with land acquisition beginning November 2015;  anticipated TxDOT construction bid January 2017; anticipated construction to begin April 2017.  Utility relocations began September 2016; anticipated utility relocations complete December 2016.

Sidewalk Project: All 250 request have been completed . List #7 that was given to the contractor with 85 request is 71% complete. There is an additional list #8 with 23 outstanding requests.

N Landing Blvd Extension: Roadway alignment revised option 2 approved by Council September 9, 2014;  Environmental clearance underway; application for HGAC/TIP submitted January 2015; has received funding approval; anticipate final design beginning January 2017.

Roadway Impact Fee StudyCouncil awarded development of a roadway impact fee study by Freese and Nichols August 27, 2013;  completion of study delayed while P&Z works through project recommendations; anticipate completing study Summer 2017.

Butler/Turner Improvements: 
Purchase of ROW began January 2015; beginning acquisition through eminent domain. Negotiation options being pursued.  A hearing was held with Council on August 22, 2016.  Attorney-led negotiations continuing.

Hobbs/FM 518 Signal Improvements (TxDOT): FY 2016 project: TxDOT signal improvements at the Hobbs & FM518 intersection.  Scheduled for construction letting December 2016.  Design and construction cost are 100% TxDOT's responsibility.

Master Mobility Plan:  FY 2016 project will update the Master Mobility Plan.  Design awarded August, 9 2016.

Beaumont Rehab-Texas to Dickinson
FY 2016 project: toFY 2016: To study the FM270 corridor from Kroger to FM646 and the SH96 corridor from I45 to SH146 for targeted improvements in traffic flow and areas prone to congestion.  The study will explore the traffic flow at intersections, possibility of adding right turn lanes, and over all travel times for potential improvements with estimated construction cost.  Received 100% plans; kick off lane additions on 7/27/16.

Overlay Improvements - 2nd, Iowa and School Streets: Substantial completion.

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Looking for financial information or more? You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking on the following: Status Reports Quarterly reports will give you where we are at in the budget for the project and monthly reports will give you the latest status updates on active project.

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