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Position 3 - Heidi Hansing
Photo of Heidi Thiess

Heidi comes from a long family tradition of patriotic values and military service.

She enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 17-year-old freshman in college and served simultaneously in the U.S. Reserves and ROTC until her graduation and commissioning.

She earned her jump wings at Airborne School before serving the remainder of her active duty service overseas as a second lieutenant.  

Hansing graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with a specialty in Soviet Politics, and a Minor in Military Science.  

Since her separation from military service, Heidi has been a small business owner and investor. She has served as a humanitarian aid director in the south Yucatan, Mexico, moving with her young family there in 2000-2001. Heidi has remained active in veteran's advocacy and politics, with a focus on sovereignty and national security issues. Her conservative activism has been diversified across many venues. She became a well-known military blogger and conservative essayist in 2005. She co-founded the popularly syndicated website GuardtheBorders.com and was a founding cadre member of the national veterans' group, the Gathering of Eagles in 2007, where she still serves on the board. In 2008, she was a grassroots director for Duncan Hunter's presidential campaign. More recently, she co-founded StandWithIntelligence.com in 2009 and served as the senior editor, publisher, and webmaster of the website. In 2010, she took on the duties of Communications Director and Board Member for the Veterans In Defense Of Liberty, a conservative grassroots organization for veterans.

In 2010, she worked full time for the Pantano For Congress campaign as a policy advisor and the E-Campaign Director. She is fiercely politically independent and presently serves on the executive board of the Clear Lake Tea Party. In 2011, during the 82nd legislative session, Heidi trained and led groups of concerned citizens to Austin every week to monitor the bills and lobby representatives for smarter, smaller government, prudent fiscal conservatism, and true Texas-grit leadership.She continues her activism in the 83rd Legislature as a citizen lobbyist, and is truly honored to serve her community on the City Council. Currently, she owns a small firearms business, specializing in self and home defense.

Hansing has two children: Jonathan,who is a cadet at the United States Military Academy - West Point, and, Eden, who is a student at Clear Springs High School.

Contact Information: 

(281) 299-5926