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Fiscal Year 2016 Financial Reports
Fiscal Year 2016 Financial Reports & Budget Overview

FY2016-2020 Long Range Financial Forecast

FY2016 First Quarter Financial Report

FY2016 Second Quarter Financial Report

FY2016 Third Quarter Financial Report

FY2016 Adopted Budget

FY2016 Proposed Budget

FY2016-2020 Proposed CIP

FY15 Fourth Quarter Financial Report

4B Quarterly Investment Report as of 12/31/15

4B Quarterly Investment Report as of 03/31/15

4B Quarterly Investment Report as of 06/30/16

Quarterly Investment Report as of 12/31/15

Quarterly Investment Report as of 03/31/16

Quarterly Investment Report as of 06/30/16

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Budget Highlights



Unique Nature of Budget: 

       City of League City is poised to reach a population of 100,000 by the end of 2015.

       The budget is impacted by the ‘Roadmap to the Future’ adopted by the City Council in February 2015.


FY 2015-2016 Budget Facts:

       Total budget for FY 2015 to 2016 is $175.1 million

       The budget is $2.2 million more than the current fiscal year budget.

       The adopted budget:

       Is based upon a tax rate of $0.5735 per $100 valuation

       Reduces the tax rate $0.0235

       Homestead exemption increased from 14% to 20%

       Includes water utility rate adjustments of $4.48 million

       Increases cash funding for capital projects to $2.5 million while reducing the amount of debt projected for the year (see ‘Roadmap to the Future’)

       Funds 380 agreements at $920,00 for economic development incentives (see ‘Roadmap to the Future’)

       Incorporates a 3% merit increase of $784,000 for City employees to ensure the City remains competitive in the employment market

       City of League City has funded a 2% merit base increase for the last five years

       Human Resources conducted a survey of surrounding cities and the average increase granted was 3.5%

       Funds a 10.5% projected increase in health insurance costs

       Funds the hiring of eight additional full-time employees to provide for additional services and organizational needs for the City.  Positions to be created:
      •       8 part-time Seasonal Lifeguards (equates to 2 full-time equivalents)
      •       2 part-time Library Pages (equates to 1 full-time equivalent)
      •       Building Inspector

       Recreation Supervisor

       Senior Accountant

       Public Works Operations Director

      Project Manager


       Includes a reorganization within the Finance and Public Works directorates to include reclassifying some positions such as the enhancement of the Finance Director’s position to Assistant City Manager/Finance Director.

       Reorganization enables the Deputy City Manager to spend more time in the field focusing on the City’s Capital Improvement Projects and securing new water sources

       Represents a $65.9 million capital investment in the City’s infrastructure, municipal facilities renewal and parks for the following projects, such as:
      •       Ervin/Hobbs Connector 
      •       Shellside Stormwater Management System
      •       Annual Stormwater Improvements 
      •       Calder Road

       Five Corners Realignment

       Sidewalk Project

       North Landing Extension

       TxDOT Hobbs/FM 518 Signal Improvements

       Traffic System Improvements

       Beaumont Street Rehabilitation

       SH 96 Corridor Traffic Study

       Fire/EMS Facility needs assessment

       Fire Station 1 and 3 Improvements

       Facilities Modernization and Energy Efficiency

       Limited renovation at 500 W. Walker

       Land purchase for City initiatives

       Hometown Heroes Park, Phase 3

       Sportsplex Entrance

       Nature Center Wetland Enhancement

       Parks Facilities Renewal

       TxDOT FM 518 Bypass Hike and Bike

       2012 Hike and Bike,  Phase 1

       TxDOT Bike Trail and Sidewalk

       TxDOT Trail – Palomino Road to Ross Elementary

       Hometown Heroes Park 5K Loop

       Parks and Open Space Master Plan

       36-inch WL SH 3 to SSH Booster Station

       Waterline upgrades and replacement

       60-inch Waterline to replace 42-inch line on SH 3

       30-inch Gravity Sewer on Calder Road 

       Dallas Salmon Effluent Discharge Improvements

       Sanitary Sewer Annual Rehab 2012-2020  

       Funds smaller appropriations projects, such as:

       Fire Hydrant painting

       Retail Study to enhance the City’s Economic Development

       Additional Sidewalk repairs

       Two mobile message boards

       Sign printer for the Street Department

       Resurfacing of the the City Hall parking lot

       Nine new vehicles for the Police Department