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I45 Ramp Reversal south of SH96
Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 1.21.06 PM.pngDescription
The southbound entrance and exits ramps between SH 96 and FM 646 will be reversed.This means the existing on ramp (closest to SH 96) will become the off ramp for IH 45 and the off ramp will become the on ramp (closer to FM 646).Construction began April 21, 2014 with anticipated completion in December 2014.

Why It's Needed
The reversals of the ramps will alleviate congestion, improve access to the abutting properties and enhance safety along the frontage road andat both the SH 96 interchange and the FM 646 interchange.Because of the enhanced access, a secondary benefit is the improved access will may the vacant property more desirable for commercial/retail development.Lastly, with the anticipated completion of Brookport Drive many of the vehicles traveling through the FM 646 interchange will be able to take and alternate route to go home in the evening further reducing the congestion in the interchange.

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