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Local Authors
Marketing & Publishing Group (MAP)
Do you want tobecome a published author or learn how to market your book? Join the MAP(Marketing and Publishing) Group.
We meet in the boardroom from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the second Thursday ofeach month to share valuable information and answer questions. Let the MAP Group beyour guide to book publishing success.

Title Placement
The library will accept as a donationand circulate one copy of each title published by any local author,provided that:
  • Once placed, the book becomes the soleproperty of Helen Hall Library will be placed on the shelf for an initialperiod of two years. The book’s level of circulation will determine whether itremains in the collection, however, we cannot guarantee that the book will everbe returned to the author.
  • The author is a library patron.
  • The book meets general standards for decency and accuracy.

A plaque will be placed inside thefront cover of one copy of each donated title, recognizing the author as a librarypatron and noting the year of donation.
  • Local authors may register with AdultServices to speak at our monthly program “Local Authors Hour.” Projection andA / V equipment are available and refreshments are provided for the author andaudience.
  • Aside from occasional table and end-capdisplays, the only publicity the library can offer are the flyers, newsletterarticles, lighted sign messages, etc. that are produced monthly for LocalAuthors Hour.