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Frequently Asked Questions
Who do we contact if our trash is not collected?
You can contact Republic Services if your trash was not collected on your scheduled pickup day. Republic Services will pick it up if it was placed curbside before 7 a.m. and you are current with your account. Their number is 1-800-942-9332. All missed pickups will be picked up by the next business day if it is not possible to go back on the same day. Republic's business days are Monday through Friday.

When can I set out the bigger items like couches, televisions, or tree branches?
Those items should be set out on your heavy trash day which is the second scheduled pickup day of the week. You can place green waste curbside for pick up on the second trash day as well (Thursday or Friday depending on your address). Leaves and clippings in cans and not bagged will be picked up. We do suggest bagging them simply because it lowers the risk of the green waste getting picked up by the wind and blown in your street during the dumping process. View more information by visiting our website.

If I own a business how do I set up an commercial account?
The contact number for Republic is 1-800-942-9332 and you will select the prompt for commercial accounts.

Are service days changing for commercial customers?
Commercial service is individualized. Republic Service should have made contact with all commercial customers and developed your solid waste service plan. In general, the service days should be the same. Small business customers who use the polycarts and do not have a commercial account are on the same service days as the residential customers in their area.

Why did the cost of residential service increase to $10.70?
The City of League City received proposals from several solid waste companies to be considered for a contract with the city. All of the bidders proposed a cost increase for solid waste services for both residential and commercial service. The city chose Republic Services for the scope of service that will be provided to customers as well as the cost to customers. View a list of solid waste service costs for other cities.