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Historic Commission
  • The third Thursday of each month unless noted otherwise
  • Open to the public


  • Position #1: Ms. Susan Pierce
  • Position #2: Mr. John Frank Schoellkopf
  • Position #3: Mr. Dick Calkins
  • Position #4: Ms. Elizabeth Hetico
  • Position #5: Mr. David Hake
  • Position #6: Ms. Steph McDougal
  • Position #7: Mr. Daniel Henn
  • Position #8: Ex-Officio Architect - Michael S Hendershot
  • Position #9 Ex-Officiio Member - Christopher Sims, Assistant City Engineer

Any questions or comments for the members may be forwarded to staff via e-mail or call 281-554-1077.

About the Commission
The Historic Commission is a seven member commission that is responsible for the development and the administration of the Historic District Ordinance, the Preservation Plan, and adopted architectural guidelines. The commission reviews signage, new businesses, renovations of exteriors, and new construction for Certificates of Appropriateness within the district.

The following shall be taken into account during selection of Historic Commission positions:
a.   Membership in the League City Historical Society; 
b.   Residence in an Historic Conservation Overlay District; 
c.   Ownership of property in an Historic Conservation Historic District; 
d.   Knowledge and experience of architectural, cultural, social, economic, ethnic, and political history of the City; 
e.   For the architectural advisory member, relevant professional credentials and experience in historic preservation.

Items Awaiting Action
Staff reports and attached documents will be posted on the Historic District agenda by noon on the Monday prior to consideration by the Historic Commission.