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Buildings & Facilities CIP Projects

This program in the CIP addresses general building and facility improvements across the City.  Total funds in the CIP for this category include nearly $1.2 million, in FY 2015, including $228K for phase 2 of the partial interior renovation of the Helen Hall Library.  FY2015 also includes $194K for the Facilities Modernization and Energy Efficiency project to replace HVAC systems at several facilities, a new roof at the Public Works facility at 1535 Dickinson Ave and non-skid flooring treatment for Fire Station 2 bay floors.  There is $215K for a minor renovation of 500 W Walker which will house Land Management staff once the New Public Safety Facility and Jail is completed in September 2014. 

The purchase of land for expanding the Public Works facilities on Dickinson Avenue, which was included in the FY2013 project plan, was moved back to FY2017. 

Projects In Progress At A Glance: (as of August 2016)

Facilities Modernization & Energy Efficiency:
Facilities will be prioritizing replacement of Refrigerant 22 air conditioning equipment for the remainder of FY16 due to the escalating cost of R-22 caused by mandated supply restrictions as the total phase out date edges closer.  24 units located at the Water Production, Fire, Public Works and EMS facilities are being replaced, including the remaining R-22 equipment at the W. Walker complex.  The largest unit serving EMS 270 has been replaced.  Units serving the concession stands at the Sportsplex have been replaced.  Replacement of the basement unit at 600 W. Walker is complete and replacement of the one remaining unit serving the training room has been scheduled.  The 10 ton and 7.5 ton systems at Water Production are scheduled for replacement in August.  This equipment represents the two largest R-22 units remaining.

Renovate Helen Hall Library Building:

Renovate 500 W Walker: 
Phase 1B renovation complete, facilities is continuing improvements.

Need More:
Looking for financial information or more? You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking on the following: Status Reports Quarterly reports will give you where we are at in the budget for the project and monthly reports will give you the latest status updates on active project.

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