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Wastewater Development CIP Projects

Wastewater’s total program for the five-year FY2018-2022 CIP totals $60.34 million with $3.76 million programmed in FY2018 for reinvestment in existing infrastructure, new lines on the west side, and lift station improvements.

Projects In Progress At A Glance:

Sanitary Sewer Annual Rehab 2018-2022 (WW1801):
This project is an annual program consisting of the engineering evaluation and strategic rehabilitation of sanitary sewer systems as identified as a priority throughout the City.
FY2018: 1) Construct rehab of the Hobbs Road and Butler Road (6,215 LF) at estimated $1.3 M. 2) Design rehabilitation of Glen Cove 14" FM replacement ($225K) and Westover Park LS & FM improvements ($150K)
FY2019: 1) Construct Glen Cove 14" FM replacement ($1.5M) FY2020: 1) Construct Westover Park LS & FM improvements ($1M) and 2) sewer system evaluation (flow study for west side) ($500K) FY2021: 1) Design Meadowbend 16" FM replacement ($320K); 2) design East Main 24" FM replacement ($280K); 3) design and construct rehab of area identified in flow study ($1.4M) FY2022: Construct Meadowbend 16" FM replacement ($2.255M) FY2023: Construct East Main 24" FM replacement ($2.07M)

Force Main Upgrade from Bay Colony Lift Station to Ervin St (WW1206):
Project consist of upgrading 8,700 LF of 10" Force Main to 18" Force Main from Bay Colony 14-15 Lift Station to north of Magnolia Bayou. Companion project: MUD 14-15 Lift Station improvements

Westside 54” & 42” Gravity Sewer Interceptors, Ph 1 (WW1701):
Extending south from the SWWRF following along the future Grand Parkway alignment, 750 LF of 54" gravity sewer from the SWWRF to the Grand Parkway alignment. Then 42" gravity sewer following along the future Grand Parkway alignment east 10,850 LF.

SWWRF Blower Intake Improvements:
The Turbo Blowers at South West Water Reclamation Facility (SWWRF) have experienced multiple failures associated with moisture and H2s corrosion conditions around the intake air structure at the Blower Building. Preliminary evaluation identifies the need to relocate blower intake air to an area of improved air quality. The need for this project is still under evaluation, but we will need to address this issue as soon as we identify a resolution, in an effort to reduce the potential of future blower failures.

Annual Lift Station Improvements:
FY2018: Davis Rd 1 & 2 LS Improvements- Both lift stations were constructed in the mid-eighties and require wet well rehab, pump, piping & panel replacement. Design:$97,500 Construction:$650,000
FY2019: (1) Waterford Park #1 & 2 LS Improvements- Both lift stations were constructed in the mid-eighties and require wet well rehab, pump, piping and panel replacement. Design: $97,500 Construction:$650,000
FY2020: (1) South Shore #1 & #2 LS Improvements: Both Stations are Dry Pit/Wet Well configuration and candidates for submersible conversion for improved reliability and safety. Design: $97,500 Construction: $750,000
FY2021: Wet well rehabilitation for Glen Cove lift station

DSWWTP 185 Hp Pump Replacement:
To replace 21-year old pumps with more efficient "N" series Pump in 2018 and replace 22-year old pumps in 2019 with more efficient "N" series pump at the Dallas Salmon Waste Water Treatment Plant (DSWWTP).

Need More:
Looking for financial information or more? Quarterly reports include financial information including how much is budgeted and spent-to-date by project. Status Reports include information on the progress and timeline of active projects.
You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking the following: Status Reports

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