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Water Production
Mission Statement 
To ensure public health by providing the highest quality of drinking water through the purchase, treatment, and delivery of potable water to the citizens of League City. 

The Water Production Department assures water needs are met and responsibly meets all federal and state requirements for safe, quality drinking water. 

What Does the Water Production Department Do? 
The Water Production Department monitors 13 water pump stations throughout the city to ensure water quality and adequate water pressure is provided for public health, daily needs, and emergency needs such as fire fighting. Our operators perform daily water quality analysis at each pump station as well as state-required bacteriological testing at residences throughout the city. 

What Do I Do If My Water Smells or Tastes Bad? 
Please call us! We will speak to you about your problem and get your address and contact information. Then, we’ll send an operator to your location where he will determine the best solution. Most often, by flushing the main line on your street, your taste and odor problem should be eliminated. 

Photo of Captain H2ODo I Really Need to Conserve Water? 
Yes! Water is a precious resource and it’s up to us to conserve this valuable commodity for future generations.  League City’s Water Conservation Program website provides facts, education, and indoor / outdoor water conservation tips for adults and children.  

This year, we introduced our new Water Conservation Mascot, Captain H20! He is pictured here with Mayor Paulissen and the winners from previous year’s annual Water Conservation Poster Contest. For information about the 2016 Poster Contest or Essay contest please click the links above.